Thank you! We're closed but part of us will live on. . . 

Tree-Top Baking is now permanently closed (we baked our last breads, pastries and other goodies in March), however part of us will live on in Bremerton under the skilled direction of celebrated pastry chef Matt Tinder who's opened Saborteur Bakery with a downtown retail space at 245 4th Street.

We are immensely proud and happy with the success of Tree-Top Baking the past nine years. When we started out, we never expected to go from zero to 10 in such a short period of time. But none of this would have been possible without the amazing love and support given us by all of you our friends and customers. You've followed us from place to place....even to the point of navigating to our remote location....just to find our baked goods. That makes us incredibly happy!

If you wish to support Matt bring Tree-Top to Bremerton, check out the Saborteur Facebook page to see what he's baking today. And if you're on the Peninsula, give him a shout --- you'll meet a talented baker and get a chance to buy a selection of remarkable pastries (and breads).

While he's got the chops to create artful pastries, he's most interested in eeking out unique flavors of grains, fruits and other ingredients.